What Is A Company Secretary & The Advantages of Using a Secretary Provider

What Is A Company Secretary & The Advantages of Using a Secretary Provider

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Most successful enterprises out there would agree that the path to a profitable business is paved by hiring the right employees. Among the list of quality people that should be onboard your business is a well-qualified and competent corporate secretary.

Whether you are running an existing enterprise, establishing a new start-up or looking to penetrate the competitive Singapore business landscape with your offshore business, a corporate or company secretary is a vital part of any successful business plan.

What are the key duties of a company secretary?

While the exact scope and role of a company or corporate secretary within every business varies according to industry, size and economical capacities of the business, a company secretary is generally tasked with all administrative requirements of the company.

A company secretary is the main person in charge of preventing  any form of compliance failure for your company as he/she ensures business compliance with all relevant regulatory obligations & requirements. In fact, it is mandatory to hire a corporate or company secretary when you’re setting up a company as stipulated by the Singapore Companies Act.  This has to be done within six months of business incorporation.

Why engaging in corporate secretarial services in Singapore is the more efficient solution

Of course, a more straightforward but often much costlier solution is to invest and hire a permanent company secretary for your business once it has been incorporated.

However, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing company secretarial service in a competitive yet regulated business landscape such as Singapore. Let’s explore a few key advantages of hiring a reliable company secretarial service in Singapore.

1. You’ll gain an accurate and consistent method of handling your administrative requirements

Most corporate secretary service providers employ a reliable team of highly competent specialists to handle your business’s administrative requirements with utmost quality and efficiency. With the right service provider, you can outsource your needs and ensure that they meet Singapore’s stringent regulations and requirements with speed and accuracy. You will also gain access to industry expertise and knowledge that you might otherwise miss out. This way, you can avert being penalised for failure of compliance, late or inaccurate auditing or administrative reporting issues.

2. Your administrative needs are met with ultimate ease and convenience

As most corporate secretary service providers are highly specialised in terms of their service offerings, you can be sure that they possess the required skills and knowledge in handling your administrative requirements according to best practices. You would  be assured that these professionals are handling your corporate secretary administrative requirements properly, and your administrative requirements and whatnots can be done efficiently without any l hassles and mistakes.

3. You can ensure you receive your services on time, every time

One of the best reasons to outsource your company administrative requirements is that you can depend on corporate secretarial service providers to meet the deadlines you are expecting.

This is again due to the highly trained nature of their staff – as they are most likely highly experienced and efficient with company administrative tasks, you can also depend on them for unique insights and valuable feedback on optimising and improving your business from a financial and administrative standpoint.

Many reliable company secretarial service providers out there are also able to create personalised and value-added services according to your specific business requirements.

4. You can access high-quality corporate administrative services in a cost-effective manner

 Abstaining from hiring an in-house corporate secretary that saves you time and cost of hiring processes, training etc. when compared to using company secretary service providers.

Saving these man-hours and costs on these administrative tasks is likely to confer your company a better competitive advantage!

Be confident of outsourcing your compliance & reporting requirements with Sprout Asia

Finding the right corporate secretarial services in Singapore who can be a perfect fit for your company can be difficult.

Sprout Asia offers reasonable and reliable corporate secretarial services fees yet delivers on its promise with quickness and efficiency. Remember that you need the knowledge and experience that only a local firm can provide.

Your focus is on business, not corporate compliance. As a full-fledged company secretarial services provider, Sprout Asia helps businesses at all stages of growth to reach their maximum potential. We offer packages from excellent & comprehensive one-stop solutions to a no-frills package where your secretarial needs are met with budget-friendly prices.