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70201 Management consultancy services

70202 Management consultancy services for healthcare organisations

70203 Management consultancy services for hotels

70204 Human resource consultancy services

70205 Public relations, marketing and brand consultancy services

70209 Management consultancy services n.e.c.

62021 Information technology consultancy (except cybersecurity)

62022 Information technology cybersecurity consultancy

71121 General building engineering design and consultancy services

71123 Engineering design and consultancy services in energy management and cleanenergy systems

74902 Brokerage and consultancy services of intellectual property assets


58201 Publishing of games software/applications

58202 Publishing of software/applications (non-games)

62011 Development of software and applications (except games and cybersecurity)

62012 Development of computer games

62013 Development of software for cybersecurity

6202 Information Technology Consultancy and Computer Facilities Management Activities

62023 Computer facilities management activities


69201 Accounting and auditing services (excluding online marketplaces)

69202 Book-keeping services (excluding online marketplaces)

78300 Management of human resource functions

66192 Corporate finance advisory services

66301 Traditional/Long-only asset/Portfolio management

66302 Hedge fund management

66304 Private equity firms

66305 Venture capital activities

66306 Single/Multiple family offices activities (e.g. managing investments and trusts fora single or multiple families)

66309 Fund management activities n.e.c.


46100 Wholesale on a fee or commission basis (excluding online marketplaces)

46301 Wholesale of fruits and vegetables (including fresh and frozen)

46302 Wholesale of livestock, meat, poultry, eggs and seafood (including fresh and frozen)

46303 Wholesale of a general line (wide range) of groceries (e.g. cereals, sugar, edible oils, sauces and dairy products)

46304 Wholesale of confectionery and bakery products

46309 Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco n.e.c. (including dried or canned)

46522 Wholesale of electronic components

47101 Supermarkets and hypermarkets

47102 Mini-marts, convenience stores and provision shops

47213 Retail sale of confectionery and bakery products (not manufactured on site)

47219 Retail sale of food n.e.c.

47220 Retail sale of beverages

47230 Retail sale of tobacco products

47711 Retail sale of clothing for adults


74191 Interior design services

74192 Art and graphic design services

74200 Photographic activities

64993 Remittance services

78103 Domestic worker employment placement agencies (excluding online marketplaces)

78104 Employment agencies (excluding domestic w

95301 Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles (including installation of parts &accessories)

79101 Travel agencies and tour operators (mainly inbound)79102 Travel agencies and tour operators (mainly outbound)

81211 General cleaning services (including cleaning of public areas, offices and factories) except household cleaning and online marketplaces

81212 Domestic/Household cleaning services (excluding online marketplaces)


56111 Restaurants

56112 Cafes

5612 Fast Food Outlets, Food Courts and Food Kiosks

56121 Fast food outlets

56122 Food courts, coffee shops and canteens (with mainly food and beverage income)

56123 Food kiosks mainly for takeaway and delivery

56130 Pubs

56140 Stalls selling cooked food and prepared drinks (including stalls at food courts and mobile food hawkers)

56200 Food caterers


41001 General contractors (building construction including major upgrading works)

41002 Structural repair contractors

41009 Building construction n.e.c

42201 Water and gas pipe-line and sewer construction

42202 Communications and power line construction

43210 Electrical works

43291 Installation and erection of building equipment (e.g. lifts, escalators, travellators)

43299 Other construction installation n.e.c.

43301 Renovation contractors

43304 Painting and decorating


49231 Freight transport by road

49232 Moving services

49233 Rental and leasing of freight land transport vehicle (e.g. lorries and trucks) with driver

50021 Shipping companies, including chartering of ships and boats with crew (freight)

Frequently asked questions

What if the SSIC code provided does not accurately describe my business activity?


During lodgment, there is an option to add a further description to better describe your company's activities.

Can a company have more than 1 SSIC code?


Yes, a company have have up to two SSIC codes to outline their business activity. One for the company's Primary Activity and one for the company's Secondary Activity.

What companies require Special Approval?


Companies under selected industries or with names containing certain words will be sent to the respective referral authority. Find out more about selecting the right SSIC codes and relevant industries here.

Do I need to come to your office to set up a company?


Good news, onboarding with Sprout can be done completely online on our portal. For verification purposes, locals and FIN holders can verify their identity via Singpass, and foreigners will have to go through a video verification and upload a copy of their passport and proof of address. It’s as simple as that!

How long does it take to incorporate a company?


With Sprout’s proprietary onboarding platform, the onboarding process has never been easier. Once the onboarding process is complete, it takes no more than 1-2 working days to incorporate a company - unless the application gets sent to the referral authority by ACRA.

Do I need a company secretary?


The Company Law in Singapore mandates that every company must appoint a Company Secretary, and the position must not be left vacant for more than 6 months at any point in time.

The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with the relevant legislations and regulations. You may find out more about the obligations and requirements of a company secretary here.


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