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Simplify your business finances with Grof

The one-stop-shop for managing payments, transfers, and accounting.

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Effortlessly manage your business finances with grof
With a single tool that covers everything you need, managing your business finances has never been easier.
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Business Account Built for Financial Success

Unified solution for you to stay on top of your finances while growing your business globally.
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Securely Transfer funds across borders and currencies

Securely transfer funds across borders and currencies, ensuring a convenient and reliable global money transfer experience.
Generate statements within seconds

Transparent and low cost FX transfer for your international payments

Make local and overseas transfers to more than 190 destinations at competitive rates. Save up to 70% on FX transfer charges and enjoy the perks of low transfer rates when making and collecting payments from clients worldwide.
No minimum balance required

Get organised and digitalise your expenses

Easily track and digitalise all your expenses in one place. No more manual data entry, Grof does it all for you.
The Hassle-Free Way to Manage Your Business Finances
Whether you're a local Singaporean or a Foreign entrepreneur seeking to expand your businesses in Singapore, we've got all the right services tailored for you.
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Free onboarding with no monthly fees

Complimentary account setup. No visits to our premises required! Get started at anytime and wherever you are! Simply upload documents for registration and we’ll take care of the rest. What makes it even better, the whole process is entirely FREE!
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no minimum balance required

Experience the ultimate freedom in managing your cash flow with our account. Tailored to your business needs, it grants you unparalleled flexibility to handle your finances as you see fit, keeping your funds effortlessly liquid and readily accessible.

Supercharge Your Business

Unlock the freedom to thrive in your business! Experience the game-changing future of business finance - take the leap today and watch your cash grows!
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