Fuss-free Corporate Secretarial Management of Your Compliance & Reporting Requirements

We provide full-fledged company secretarial services for companies in all stages of growth.

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Company Secretarial Services

* Billed upfront annually

You should focus on your business, stop worrying on your corporate compliance needs. Appoint Sprout as your company secretary and we will track your compliance deadlines, handle your annual filing requirements and any governance needs. 

Choose from our unlimited buffet package where we provide value-for-money services or our no frills package where you only pay for what you consume. 


corporate secretarial services



includes S$60 filing fee 


Essential corporate secretarial services for your annual compliance needs. 

  • 12 month corporate secretary
  • Annual filing and AGM 

Additional services

  • Non-share related changes


  • Share related changes


  • Corporate shareholder


Note: exclude KYC charges, additional government fees and stamp duty


corporate secretarial services


includes S$60 filing fee 


Comprehensive corporate services at one price. No limit on number of requests. 

  • 12 month corporate secretary
  • Annual return filing and AGM
    Unlimited request for basic resolution changes
  • Corppass management
  • Dedicated support: same-day response commitment
  • 50% off registered address

Note: exclude KYC charges, additional government fees and stamp duty

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total compliance



includes S$60 filing fee 


All in one compliance package taking care of your statutory reporting 

  • 12 month corporate secretary
  • Annual filing and AGM
  • Unaudited financial statement
  • Tax compliance, including ECI and Form C/C-S
  • Consultation anytime
  • Review by Chartered Accountant

Note: not applicable for companies with >S$1m in revenue or corporate shareholders

Additional Services


Accounting and Taxation

As entrepreneurs and business-people, we cut to the chase and provide the information you need to run your business, round-the-clock, where-ever you are.

We offer a full spectrum of accounting and taxation services to cater to your needs. Utilizing award-winning accounting software, our team of Chartered Accountants are able to offer bookkeeping and tax compliance advice at hyper-competitive rates.

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Registered address in Singapore

Every Singapore Company is required by law to have a valid Singapore address to be registered as the registered address of the Company.

This service is extended to all our corporate secretarial clients and includes the following:

  1. Registered Address for your Company
  2. Email Notification for your incoming mails
  3. Receive your mails in softcopy pdf format on a weekly basis
  4. Most suitable if you are based overseas and wish to receive your mails timely while saving on courier
  5. Secure storage of your mails for up to 2 years

S$18 per month

Conversion from sole proprietorship or partnership

Outgrown your sole proprietorship or partnership structures and will like to incorporate a company to power your next phase?

We’ll assist in registering your new company, transferring your assets and contracts to your new company and informing the relevant authorities of the change.

S$288 with selected packages



Strike-off refers to the process of de-registering the Company with the Registrar. We offer a no-frills and efficient method to assist you in closing down your company.


Frustrated with your current company secretary? Make it a no-brainer by changing your company secretary today.

Reach out for a no obligation consultation

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a company secretary?

The company secretary is an officer of the company, appointed by the directors to take charge of all administration of a company and ensure that directors and shareholders are kept well informed of statutory obligations, such as the annual filing of accounts and the holding of annual general meetings.

A company must appoint a secretary within 6 months from its incorporation date. 


What do the Annual Returns contain?

The Annual Returns provides critical information for the Company's stakeholders.

The Annual Returns is an electronic form to be lodged. It contains important particulars of the Company such as the name of its Directors, Secretary, its Members and shareholders, and the date to which the financial statements of the Company are made up to. 

What is an Annual General Meeting ("AGM")?

An annual general meeting (“AGM”) is a way for your Company to present its financial statements to shareholders and for shareholders to give their approval for various governance matters of the company relating to the financial statements, appointment of Directors, declaration of dividends.

In order to simplify the administrative burden of small companies, ACRA has since September 2018 allow for private companies to be exempted from holding AGM provided financial statements are sent to their members within 5 months of the financial year end. Note this is subject to the agreement of all shareholders.

A shareholder of the Company  can request for a company to hold an AGM even if it is exempted or has dispensed with the AGM by notifying the Company no later than 14 days before the end of the 6th month after the company’s financial year end.

What Companies will require special approval?

There are some business activities which require approval from the relevant government authorities before the Company can be registered. Examples are architect, real estate agent, commodity trading, education, law, banking, professional engineer, accountant, dentist and medical clinics. 

Who can be a company secretary?

A company secretary must be:

  1. A natural person
  2. Locally resident in Singapore
  3. The sole director and the company secretary cannot be the same person as the director
  4. Someone well-versed with local regulations and compliance requirements and handles them for you while you focus on sprouting your business ideas

The position of company secretary must not be left vacant for more than 6 months at any point in time.

Deciding on a financial year end

It is a requirement to inform ACRA of the Company's financial year end during registration of Company. The Company is free to choose any year end that suits its need. 

What is a  Company Constitution?

The Constitution is a legal document that:

  • Describes the key characteristics of the Company
  • Contains the rules and regulations for its governance
  • Describes how its operations will be carried out
  • Outlines the rights and responsibilities of the Directors, Shareholders and Company Secretary

The Company's Constitution must be submitted to ACRA upon application. 

Must financials be filed with ACRA?

Most companies are required to include their financial statements when filing the Annual Returns, with the exception of the following::

  • Solvent Exempt Private Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited Partnership

Notwithstanding the filing requirement with ACRA, financial statements will still need to be prepared for tax filing purposes. 

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