Taking care of your dormant company

Not a lot of business activity? We have the suitable product for you. Dormant companies are exempted from certain filing requirement but the qualifying criteria are pretty strict. Opt for our Lite package if you have light business activities.

Company dormant or lite activity?

Whether your company has no income or expenses or is a small company with light level of business activities, we have the package for you!
Company dormant

Lite activity

Subject to regular compliant requirement including preparation of financial statements and IRAS tax filing

  • Exempt private company
  • Not more than 50 transactions for the year
  • Not more than $200,000 revenue


Exempted by ACRA from preparing and laying financial statements at the annual general meeting.

  • Not a listed company or subsidiary of a listed company
  • Not more than $500,000 value in asset during the financial year
  • No revenue, expenses or staff except those fee required for the maintenance of the company
  • Company maintenance expenses allowed are fees payable to secretary, auditors, payment of any fee or charge under any written law
  • Directors will need to make a declaration that the company has been dormant for over the financial period
  • Obliged to inform IRAS when the company resumes business activity


Our wholistic compliance package for dormant and lite companies

Reduce cost with our bundles designed for your size of business. We can easily scale up the package as business volume grows.

Dormant Volcano

Dormant relevant companies with no income or expenses (other than permitted expenses)
  • 12 Months Essential Secretary
  • Dormant ACRA filing
  • Dormant IRAS filing
  • Managing Registers

Lite Weight

Full one-stop solution for small companies with light level of business activities
  • 12 Months Essential Secretary
  • AGM & Annual Return
  • Managing Registers
  • Annual Accounting - A50
  • Unaudited Financial Statement compilation
  • Tax Filing (ECI & Form C-S)


Registered Address


The Corporate Shareholder

S$100 each

Unlimited Standard Resolutions and update of personal particulars

$300 annually


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Nihar Ranjan
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Ena Yoo
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Thanks guys. It is just a start for long journey.”
Mohd Hassan

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I strike off my company or keep it dormant?


Striking off your company tends to be appropriate where there’s no reasonable prospect of you having a future use for it. However, keeping a company dormant is preferable if there may be future use for the company. This will save the time and cost of incorporating another company again in the future.

What happens if my dormant company starts to have activities?


A dormant company holds this status only temporarily. Once the company starts having activities, they will have to start submitting financial statements and continue to file its Annual Returns and Corporate Tax Returns as an active company.

What qualifies as a dormant company and does it exempt me from all filings?


To put it simply, the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) defines a dormant company as a business that has not conducted any accounting transactions for a given financial period. 

However, your business is still allowed to execute a limited number of transactions in its dormant status to assist the business with cost of compliance and a range of administrative expenses. This most notably excludes:

  • Expenses associated with appointing a company secretary or auditor
  • Costs of maintaining the registered office
  • Payments to ACRA for fines, fees or penalties
  • Maintenance costs of business books and registers

On the plus side, if your company is recognised as a dormant company by ACRA, it will be exempted from submitting financial statements. However, the company will still have to file their Annual Returns, and it must file its corporate tax return in Form C-S/C for Dormant Company via e-Filing.

What is the handover process like if I switch to your secretarial services?


After choosing the package that suits you the best, our team will provide a handover template to be sent to your previous secretary to ensure the proper handover of all secretarial documents and their resignation letter.

After which, we will coordinate with them on the collection of files. Once the resignation letter has been received, we will proceed to lodge the necessary changes with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

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