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If you feel that handling your company's bookkeeping and accounting is a daunting and time-consuming task, you may consider outsourced accounting services. We have accounting services packages catered to your company's activity levels.
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Accounting and Tax
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Monthly bookkeeping package of up to 50 records annually with the option of scaling up if required
Unaudited financial statements
IRAS tax filing
Review by Chartered Accountant
Xero Starter subscription
Dext subscription
Implementation support

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Guidance for the set up of your XERO and DEXT account

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Leave the Financial Statement Preparation to us, we'll prepare it for your approval

Saving Time

Accounting and bookkeeping is a crucial function in your business. Outsourced accounting services will lessen your load and free up your time for the operations of your business.

Expert Accountants and Bookkeepers

Our accountants deal with a high volume of clients and are experienced in dealing with different situations and can provide advice and platforms to make your company's accounting more efficient.

Scaling Accounting Easily

Your bookkeeping and accounting load will grow or shrink depending on your company's activities. Outsourcing this function will give you the flexibility to scale up or down your accounting needs when needed.


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“I just experienced possibly the best customer experience of all time. I found Sprout online while I was trying to register my company and it turned out to be a wise choice for me. They are available all means of digital channels and respond quite promptly. Thank you, Weng Leong and team, for the help and support. Great Job!! And if anyone of you is looking for corporate service or any such matter look no further.”
Nihar Ranjan
“It was a wonderful wonderful experience having been served by Sprout Asia. From being able to be contactable by phone and online there were also sound advice given. The transactions were really smooth and everything were done over the internet. Most of all the professionalism was remarkable. I honest rate Sprout Asia 5 stars if I can 6. Thanks Jackson.”
Roy Lai
“Highly recommended based on my personal experience. Weng and team were extremely supportive in helping me navigate through many issues that were new to me. Very responsive and helpful in every way. Working with them gives me the reassurance that someone always has my back. Thanks again!”
Ena Yoo
“Since we got in touch till Registration COMPLETED they are very prompt response and did a good job with a very reasonable cost in compare to others.
Thanks guys. It is just a start for long journey.”
Mohd Hassan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Form C-S? When do I need to submit it?

Form C-S is a declaration form for companies to declare their actual income. Companies must ensure that the form is correctly completed and gives a full and true account of the company's income. 

The deadline for filing your company’s YA 2021 Corporate Income Tax Return (Form C-S/ C) is 30 Nov 2021. This deadline of 30 Nov will similarly apply to subsequent YAs. For more information, you may refer to this link.

What is an ECI, and when do I need to submit it?

Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) is an estimate of the company's taxable income (after deducting tax-allowable expenses) for a Year of Assessment (YA). All companies must file their ECI within three months from the end of their financial year. For more information, you may refer to this link.

I have not set up a company corporate bank account but I already have some business related expenses (eg. cost to incorporate a company). How should I record this in the monthly bookkeeping?

We will usually recommend companies to set up a corporate bank account as soon as possible once the company formation is done, so as to segregate the personal and company’s bank account. This is because a company is considered a separate legal entity from its shareholders.

If there are business expenses before the company bank account is up, we will classify them as “amount due to shareholders”.

I am a shareholder—how do I account for the money I have deposited or withdrawn from the company bank account?

First cash deposit after a corporate bank account is opened will usually be the paid-up capital. Subsequent cash injection or withdrawal from and to shareholders are considered “amount due to shareholders” and “amount due from shareholders” respectively.

Can I pay monthly or yearly salary to shareholders?

No. As shareholders are not considered employees of the company (they are owners of the company), it is not permitted for shareholders to be paid a salary unless they are also employees of the company.

What is Dext and how is it related to my Xero account or company’s bookkeeping?

Dext is an application integrated with your Xero account and it can help you track your business expenses. Once the company has taken up our bookkeeping services, we will provide a unique Dext email where clients can forward the bills (supplier invoices or receipts) to the email.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud accounting software where you can record and track your revenue and expenses. The accounting software can also generate different reports such as P&L statements and balance sheets, where clients can easily track their company’s progress easily and closely.

How can Sprout Asia help me in my bookkeeping and what does this service include?

You will be subscribed to a Xero and Dext account for bookkeeping. We will also provide you with monthly reports (P&L statement and balance sheet) once we have closed off the monthly financials, so that you can monitor your revenue and expenditures closely.

Dext is a reciept management software and Xero is a cloud accounting software where you can record and track your revenue and expenses. The accounting software can also generate different reports such as P&L statements and balance sheets, where clients can easily track their company’s progress easily and closely.

What is XBRL?

XBRL is a form of reporting language adopted by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) for the purpose of financial statements reporting by companies that are required to be lodged accounts with the authority. To find out if your company needs to file its Financial Statements in XBRL, you may refer to this link.

Do my financial statements need to be audited?

Your company is only required to have its financial statements audited if the company meets any 2 of the following 3 conditions: Total annual revenue exceeding S$10 million; Total assets exceeding S$10 million; or Has more than 50 employees.

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